Accounting services – standard scope

  • keeping the general ledger and booking journal:
  • booking of received invoices,
  • booking issued invoices,
  • booking bank statements,
  • other booking: salaries, loans, leases, interest, travel orders, etc.,
  • other necessary administrative and accounting work,
  • VAT return (DDV-O) calculation,
  • preparation and submission of a recapitulation report,
  • Report on Supplies (invoices issued under Article 76a),
  • keeping a book of received and issued invoices in accordance with the VAT Act,
  • keeping the fixed assets’ register and depreciation calculation,
  • preparation of the annual report for AJPES and DDPO for FURS,
  • statistics on AJPES financial accounts,
  • quarterly reporting to AJPES,
  • environmental charges,
  • up-to-date monitoring of the company's operations (financial reports) in agreement with the client,
  • monitoring and informing the company about possible non-compliances with laws and regulations,
  • informing and warning the company of missing legally required obligations,
  • reporting for Intrastat,
  • reporting to the Bank of Slovenia,
  • preparation of audited and consolidated annual reports,
  • booking of all events upon takeovers, mergers, and divisions of business entities,
  • other reports for statistical reporting.

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